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Client Packet: Divorce
Client Packet: Divorce
This CD offers a collection of agreements, worksheets, checklists, resources and other informational tools to use for divorce.

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Client Packet: Domestic Partners
Client Packet: Domestic Partners
This CD offers a collection of worksheets, agreements, checklists and other information to consider for a domestic partnership dissolution.

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Zena Online

Family Series: Is Divorce Mediation for You? Are you going through a divorce, separation, or post-divorce conflict? Have you considered mediation? How can you tell if mediation is right for you? In this episode of the Texas Conflict Coach's Internet radio show, Zena explored what mediation is, who should consider mediation, and typical outcomes of mediation as opposed to litigated divorce and separation. Nov. 9, 2010.



Asset Valuation

Electronic Appraiser (Real Estate) Learn the value of your home with this site, which provides detailed property reports, recent comparable sales information, and other analysis for properties nationwide.
Kelly Blue Book (Automobiles) This is the standard source for determining the value of your cars.
Pension Appraisers, Inc. (Retirement) This company specializes in valuing and distributing retirement benefits in cases of divorce. Account holders can generate state-specific court-ready valuation reports online in just minutes.
QDRO Express LLC (Retirement) This company specializes in preparing Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, Pension Valuations, Memorandums of Opinion or other requested documents for attorneys.

Custody, Parenting Time and Child Support

Helping Children Deal With Divorce An overview and list of resources on several aspects of divorce from the Law Firm of Ayo and Iken PLC. Topics include How to Tell Them; Provide Stability and Structure; Stay Civil with Your Ex; Seek Professional Help if Needed; and Take Care of Yourself.
MarginSoft Software for evaluating spousal maintenance/alimony claims, and ocalculating child support based on your state guidelines (select states only).
Michigan Family Law Links A list of resources to help parents understand their rights and obligations regarding custody, parenting time and child support. Compiled by Jeanne M. Hannah.
Our Family Wizard This site provide tools for parents in divorced and separated households to communicate and organize their lives. Coordinate custody and parenting time schedules with the site's calendar, log and share expenses, stay current on your child's health records, school information, and more.
Up To Parents This site helps divorcing and divorced parents focus on their children as they move through a difficult transition.

General Divorce Resources

Preparing for Your Mediation Preparation Checklist and Dispute Resolution Worksheet, MediationNow
Divorce Headquarters Site features information on a wide range of divorce issues.
DivorceNet Offers a range of resources, including legal forms, state-by-state information, discussion forums and more.
Divorce Magazine Offers information and resources available to help individuals and families going through the transition of separation and divorce.
Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan Find lawyers and other professionals compatible with family mediation.
Persevering Through Divorce: Single-Parent Resources A collection of resources to help you navigate divorce in a healthy way.
Dealing With Divorce A useful resource for children dealing with divorce, recommended to us by a thoughtful group of students.

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Michigan's new court rules simplify working collaboratively to settle a divorce all the way through the court process. Beginning April 1, 2019, parties who have reached an agreement prior to filing can now petition jointly as Party A and Party B to enter a Consent Judgment. They share a single court date, which they attend together to enter the final paperwork. No longer are they required to file a Complaint for Divorce that pits plaintiff versus defendant. (See MI Court Rules 3.222 and 3.223 for details.) This new option is well-suited to follow the mediation process.

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