Divorce Mediation

Overview: What is Divorce Mediation

Families can avoid the bitterness and frustration that often accompany separation and divorce by choosing mediation rather than a court battle.

You and your spouse or partner will meet with a neutral mediator, who will assist you in making joint decisions related to your situation. At the end of the mediation, you'll have an agreement that settles major issues such as division of property, support and parenting time. The agreement will meet the needs and interests of both of you, as well as your children.

Mediation helps you preserve the integrity of all involved so that you and your children can get on with your lives. Take a look at some of the benefits of mediation below.

ConfidentialityDiscuss issues in the privacy of your mediator's office; remains confidential.Discuss in public court. All court files become public records.
Who Decides?YouJudge
ApproachJoint approach focusing on healthy communication and reaching common ground. A better long-term approach for families and children.Adversarial process where each party tries to make the other look bad in order to "win." Not a healthy long-term approach, especially when children are involved.
CostCost-effective; usually 1/2 or less the cost of a typical divorce caseMore costly with heavy lawyer fees and court costs.

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